Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Remnant's Request

I decree and declare we as sons and daughters who are eternal spiritual beings, walking in a new dimension inside Your Spirit (God). And Your miracle power is flowing unhindered through us to fullfill Your perfect will  in this hour(end-times).
Father, release the thunder(Your sound from heaven) and lightning(Your power), let Your manifestation show forth through Your servants. Stretch forth Your hand to heal; allow signs and wonders to come forth when we speak the name Jesus. Give Your servants boldness to declare Your Word fearlessly. Hear Your sevants cry O' Lord, we need you God! Turn Your world upside down, Heavenly Father, all who hear Your Word and see Your power let them come into the Kingdom of God. Amen!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Warriors Cry!

God we thank You for opening Your Heart(Jesus Christ) and pouring out your Glory(Holy Spirit) upon us, filling us with Your Love(Jesus) We need You Lord , make us like You! Ascend us in Your presence, allow us to take a journey through your heart and mind. God, let the people see Your heart desires and thoughts toward them, manifest Yourself through us. Let the people see that You are real, and You are their help in time of trouble.

As sons and daughters, we will show forth Your riches and glory of Your inheritance (Your Life) to the people by increasing ourselves in the Word, manifesting Your Glory, Jesus. God we ask You to Enlighten the eyes of the peoples understanding, that they may know the hope of their calling in Christ Jesus. Reveal to them Your exceeding greatness of power toward them who believe upon Your might.

We as watchmen releases our trumpets toward the North, "Give them up" to the South "Do not hold them back" and to the East and West "Loose them now." As we lift our voices, sounds of many waters saturates the minds, hearts and souls of Your people, preparing the way for You(Jesus). Thank You Father, this is Your warriors cry, Amen!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Acceptable Year of the Lord

God, we thank you for your Spirit! We speak from Eternity(Jesus Heart) into time, decreeing, declaring this is the season of refreshing, restoration, and reposition. We are representives of God walking in authority, taking back everything God promised from the beginning. We are life changing agents, manifesting the Glory of God in the earth. All thing will come subject to the Glory(Jesus) within us.

 We are principalities severing the lies of the enemy off the people minds, and through the power of the Holy Spirit their true identities are revealed in Christ Jesus, the True Living God! God thank you for pouring out Your Spirit upon us and anointing us with Your Glory(King Jesus) to preach the Gospel, to mend the broken-hearted, to set the captives free, to sever all mind binding spirits, to open blind eyes,to open deaf ears. to speak a word in season to those who are weary, to pave the way for others to proclaim and embrace the acceptable year of the Lord!
In You God, we live, move, and have our being, HALLELUJAH!!!!! In Jesus name, amen!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

God's Heart.

God give us your heart for nations and generations, let Your Heart(Righteous Spirit) beat within us, releasing Your Kingdom in the earth. We obey the commandment given in Genesis 1:28, taking our rightful positions given to us through Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Father, the body of Christ repent for not being good stewarts over what You have given us in the earth.

We as Your sons and daughters decree, declare and prophesy, "We subdue, have dominion and walk in the fullness of Christ,in the finished work." God we thank You for guiding us continually, releasing strategies, so we shall be like a watered garden,like a spring of water, whose waters fail not. We shall build the old waste places, raise up foundations of many generations and the world will know You are with us.  And they shall call us, the repairer of the breach, and restorer of paths to dewell in. Then lost souls will come to You from all nations to drink and taste of Your Glory, and know that You are good. We thank You God, for Your favor that is bestowed upon us to be blessings. 

We are principalities set in the earth, bringing all things back to You, through Your Son Jesus Christ.We decree all things in heaven, in earth and under the earth that are set up to oppose the movement of God, we command them to bow now to the name of Jesus! We as ambassadors of the Kingdom of God come to restore and refresh everything to its orignal state. From the goverment to the school system,  everything in the earth must come subject to the Word of God, now, in Jesus name!